How does an epilator work?

Best epilators work by plucking hairs from the follicle using rotating tweezers.

That sounds pretty painful, but there are now plenty designed to be pain-free as possible.

Because hair is plucked from the root, it usually takes approximately 3-4 weeks to grow back, meaning epilation is one of the most convenient hair-removal methods around.

Like any hair-removal method that removes the hair at the follicle level, there might be a degree of distress, but this will vary from person to person and from epilator into epilator.

The best shavers will minimise the pain and some might not even cause any distress in any way, so it’s well worth spending a bit extra if you are particularly sensitive to pain.

Which is better: a corded or cordless?

You have two options when it comes to choosing an epilator: a mains-powered tool or a battery model.

As you’d expect, battery operated shavers will need their batteries replaced after a certain amount of use, and the lower cost reflects this small inconvenience.

They also tend to be less powerful than their mains-powered counterparts, but have the extra benefit of being much more mobile so you can use them almost everywhere.

What is the difference between ‘wet & dry’ and ‘dry’?

Many shavers work best on dry skin, but wet & dry models provide the option to use in the shower or bath, where the heat can open your pores and make the process a little less painful.

Unless you’ve got a particularly low pain threshold, though, a dry epilator is all you actually need.

Plus, though it may be simpler and less irritating to the skin to epilate in the shower, doing will make the process quicker and less effective.

You can pick up a simple epilator for less than #40, but spending a little more can get you some handy attachments and extras.

The most common — and possibly the most useful — is in-built lighting which will allow you to see the field of skin you’re working on without needing to twist your body towards a window or other light source.

If you pick a corded epilator that can’t be used in water, a removable head is another helpful feature to watch out for as it will make it much easier to maintain your epilator clean.


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Over the years, a company based in Israel has started marketing an epilator called Epilady, the first electric hair removal device.

This form used as a method of extracting hairs from the roots, which resulted in longer periods between hair growth and removal.

Despite his reputation for causing pain and having negative effects over time, and here I refer to the fact that after a long time of use appear hairs under the skin that look unsightly but also which can lead to complications if these hairs remain at subcutaneous level.

But eventually, it became an international success and revolutionized hair removal.

In 1996 appeared on the market a new epilator called Discrette, the best epilator at its time. This was the first epilator with a rotating head in the form of a disc. It was specially designed so that due to the high-speed movement of the rotating discs, to be painless.

Speeds and number of tweezers

When we want to look beautiful and with enviable skin, we must assume from the beginning that we will spend a certain amount of money for the performance of the best epilator for each of us.

We’ve always had the idea that technical details are very important if we want an epilator to last more than 2 years.

I recommend that when you go to the store not to rush, and carefully read the technical details such as: the number of tweezers or discs, clamping points, the material they are made of.

You should know that the device has a casing that can be made from a variety of insulating materials, such as plastic, nylon, or any other non-conductive material.

There is also a rubber grip surface supported by the casing to prevent slipping during use.

Another important aspect to consider, if you want the best epilator for your skin, is the length of the cable, because you do not want to stay glued to the place where the outlet is located.

If you opt for an epilator with multiple tweezers, you should know that more hairs are removed from the root, the pain gets undetectable and the epilation time is much shorter.

Most have 2-speeds. The fast one is for quick (for example 5 minutes/foot), and a slower recommended for people with more sensitive skin.

Important functions

The close-Grip epilator is a technological innovation that makes the process more efficient than ever.

The 60 tweezers were designed to close at an optimal angle so that they could still catch the hair closer to the root, to better remove even the shortest hairs (< 0.5 mm).

The swivel head of the dual epilators is equipped with a flexible head that can move 20 degrees back and forth.

This means it can better adapt to the body’s surfaces for more safety and maximum precision, thus ensuring that the optimum position of use is maintained.

Disc epilators are a newer design and usually cause less pain than the disc made of tweezers.

These shavers have discs rotating at high speed because they quickly grab hairs and pull them through the rotation.

Because the disks are moving so fast, they are capable of catching shorter hairs and covering larger areas in a shorter time.

What top epilators have to deliver the best epilating experience?

SoftLift Tips has the role of effectively lifting even the hairs stuck to the skin or those under the skin and helps to guide them for uprooting.

Smartlight helps you guide easily so that you light up the process so you can notice even the thinnest hairs.

Waterproof/Wash – Silk Dual models have a sealed body, which means they can be used and washed underwater without the risk of electrocution.

You can choose to personalize the right speed for your needs:

Speed 1 For more delicate epilation,

Speed 2 for more efficient epilation.

Wireless use, as well as a quick charge of shavers, offer you the freedom to epilate anywhere and anytime. Works up to 60 min after only 30 minutes of charging.

What accessories do we get

The best epilators are accompanied by accessories that can be useful or not. Below you can find a list of accessories:

  • Charging stand for dual epilators are supplied for a simple charge;
  • Epilating Head – refers to the smoothing head with blades designed to exfoliate the skin; smoothing head with exfoliating blades removes even the most rebellious hair;
  • Head for sensitive areas that adapts perfectly to the armpit or bikini area;
  • Efficiency Head, designed to ensure maximum contact for faster epilation.
  • Mini facial epilator;
  • Mirror with illumination system;
  • Pouch
  • Cleaning brush;
  • Battery;
  • Massage accessory, I still do not recommend to buy an epilator with a massage program, because after epilation the skin is sensitive, and a massage would affect even more the surface;
  • Accessory for lifting hair – you can find it in any set, to clean the tweezers.