An Open Letter to the Woman Who Never Changes Her Razor


This is more of a problem for women then men because men typically only shave their facial skin. But if they’re shaving different parts of their body (that is completely cool, no judgement from us) then they should definitely use over 1 razor.
We get it done, we do. Altering your razor may be a real pain. It’s easy to forget you have to need to alter it until you are already in the shower, and by that point, nobody wishes to go to the hassle of leaping back out simply to catch a wig. Don’t even get us started needing to visit the shop and buy refills that are costly can be thrilling. We’ve been there too!
Those cuts also let in bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungus — according to board-certified dermatologist Jeanie Chung Leddon, MD, Ph.D., co-founder of Boulder Valley Center for Dermatology.
You get more security damage and more scratching of the skin.”
For women, it may be somewhat more unclear. Is it alright to use only 1 razor for your armpits, legs, and bikini area? The general understanding is that while using the Identical razor for all 3 areas may not pose a significant threat to
Why can you run the danger of exposing yourself to germs when you’re able to just routinely replace your razor blades and not have to worry about doing it?

Nevertheless , it is SUPER important to change your razor and razor blades on a regular basis. You should always be using a fresh razor blade. If you’re using a dull blade you need to press down super hard in your skin to acquire any hair off – you’re in for some trouble.

Should You use more than one Razor?

Do you ever get those bizarre red bumps after you shave that itch or irritate your skin? There are a few possible causes, such as dry shaving rather than using shaving lotion. But the most frequent offender is a dull or damaged razor blade. Whenever your razor blade becomes dull, there’s a greater risk for razor burn and skin irritation.

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The best solution is to make sure that you rinse off leftover hair and some other shaving lotion after each use, and make sure to keep your razor blade in a dry area, instead of the shower.
Your skin, you probably won’t a get very close shave.


Never Worry about changing your razor

Use hot water . This will soften a hair follicle, making it easier to shave and less inclined to dull or damage the blades.
Why? Well, it could only be asking for trouble. If something becomes wet, it leaves a lot more room for items to grow much more quickly. This is particularly true if your blades are starting to rust.
Don’t attempt to shave dry.


Rinse your razor off as possible shave. Following a couple swipes while shavingrinse the blade under running water. This will help remove clogged hair or shaving lotion in the blade, making it much easier to use and less likely to get damaged.

The very best and simplest method to save time and hassle, while maintaining your skin smooth and secure, is to sign up for a razor subscription. That way, you are going to find a refill of razor blades or disposable razors delivered right to your home on the frequency that you desire them.
According to Whitney Bowe, MD, a dermatologist in NYC, Women should eliminate their razor after a few uses, as it’ll have been exposed to germs.”

Basically, the more frequently you shave, the more often you should replace your razor blades. You will know when your blade is getting dull — listen to this and CHANGE YOUR RAZOR BLADES! Do not ignore it and continue to use dull blades.

Honestly, there is not a set time or number of applications before you should alter the razor. But you should be changing it after a few applications, until it has exposed to bacteria. Your first indication of any rusting, a dull sword, tugging or nicking of skin is your signal your razor/razor mind has to be changed.
If you would like you razor to last just a little more time, then there are a Couple of things you can do:

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