Choosing a Shave Soap

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This can range from a viscous cream in a tube into a thicker cream cheese like material in a screw top tub or tin. Many people like creams because some find them easier to lather. Again, this will depend on your gear and procedure and this varies from person to person.



The shave soap or cream is a vital component to a good shave. With so many products on the market, knowing which one to select can be extremely overwhelming for a new wet shaver. First let us discuss the most popular sorts of shave soap and lotion.
TO LOAD AND LATHER: To get a Cream, scoop or squeeze out an almond sized quantity and press it in the middle of the soaked shave brush. Then you may go into building your lather on your face or skin, in a shave mug, lather bowl or scuttle.
Tough Shave Soap
Shave Croap or Italian Hardness Shave Soap
Shave Cream
A Croap is cream-hard soap hybrid vehicle with

With specific shave lotions you can at times dab on your brush from the container to move a few item directly onto the brush. Ideally with a shave lotion you don’t want to get water inside the tub or container. You could even scoop some out and press on or smash it into the bottom of a shave mug, then lather bowl or scuttle and then proceed with thumping it up from there. [Watch Lather Tips Blog for more info ].
Load your shaving brush by trapping it over the soap from the container, using a circular motion for about 30-40 seconds. Don’t be afraid to use a little strain and press your brush bristles down to help pack more soap to the brush. From that point, you can proceed with thumping a shave on your damp skin, in a shave mug, yank bowl or scuttle. [See Lather Tips for more information].


TO BLOOM, LOAD AND LATHER: Tough soaps are often loaded right from the container into the brush. Some come wrapped as a individual refill bar of soap rather than in a container, which can be placed into lather shaving or bowl mug and the soap can loaded out from there. With hard soaps you can also optionally bloom them beforehand by pouring several drops of warm water onto the soap or even completely submerging it in the container for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The water will wake up and soften the top layer of the hard soap making it easier to lather.

Traditionally a tough shave soap is like a regular bar of soap. Hard shaving soap to a is deemed old college, as many shave soaps in the early days were difficult soaps. Hard shave soaps are still relatively available and easy to find and come in several scents. INGREDIENTS LIST: Ingredients can be significant to particular wet shavers. Most conventional wet shaving lotions or lotions typically have really simple ingredients and are commonly free from Parabens and SLS. [Read more on the Anatomy of a Shave Cream here].
Many conventional wet shavers evaluate or pick a shave soap for unique factors. Some of their most common performance and expertise based test characteristics are: Scent, Lather, Cushion and Slickness.
CUSHION: Ordinarily blade defense is described as cushion and a compact lather will ensure you’re protected.
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SLICKNESS: Slickness is crucial that the help your razor and blade glide to prevent chatter to get an ultra-smooth shave.
To load your shaving brush, swirl it on the soap in the container, with a circular motion for about 30-40 minutes. Don’t be afraid to use a little pressure and press on your brush down bristles to help package more soap product into the brush.

FEELING: More emotional considerations include the plan of the tag and how the total presentation of the product makes you feel.

TO LOAD AND LATHER: Much like the tough shave soaps, they are often loaded into the brush right out of the container.

With certain croaps or faux shave additives you can sometimes blossom them in advance by pouring a couple drops of hot water onto the soap from the container for 30 minutes to 1 minute. The water will awaken and soften the top layer of this croap making it easier to lather. Again, proceed with care if you choose to bloom, as not all croaps respond well to having this excessive water in the container.
When deciding upon the right shave soap, first determine whether you would prefer a hard soap, cream or croap/Italian hardness shave soap. From there select a scent that resonates with you. Finally choose the brand that contrasts with your performance expectations, values, packaging preferences and always choose one that makes you feel great.

LEGACY OF BRAND: Some wet shavers favor more established brands that have been in existence for many decades, while some really delight in supporting exclusive, specialty, independent or artisan shave soap makers.
LATHER: The soap or creams capacity to lather up is extremely vital for blade protection. [Click here for some tips tips].

SCENT: Typically the main element when choosing a shave soap, cream or croap. The odor profile can cause you to instantly love or hate it.

PACKAGING: Another factor when choosing the proper shave soap or lotion is to look at the user experience depending on the packaging. This may be as simple as the type of container, how the container fits in your hand or perhaps the general aesthetic look.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: For some, the state of where the shave soap or cream is made can be significant.

To get a Croap or Italian shave soap, you may also scoop some out and press or smash it into the bottom of a shave mug, then lather bowl or scuttle then move with whipping your shave lather from that point. [Watch Lather Tips for more info ].
A gentle putty-like consistency usually presented in a screw off tub or tin. Some also classify these shave additives as Italian Soaps or synthetic hardness shaving lotions.

VALUES: Values concerns could be choosing Vegan soap, not made with animal tallow if you are Vegan.