Duke Canon Shave Cream — Deal Or Dud?

Using Duke Canon Shave Cream

Duke Canon Shave Cream -- Deal Or Dud? 1

Ahhh, gotta love the holidays as a shaver! The gift of shaving supplies from relatives. Who does not need soap humanely raised made out of organic Yak milk and milked? Or goo? It’s those kinds of gift from well-intentioned family members that almost makes me wish I did not tell them about my wet-shaving addiction…err…hobby.

No evaluation work had been done by me into the cream, but knowing it is being mass produced and sold in major retailers, I did not assume I’d require a brush. Past experiences have taught me that these kinds of merchandise are a brush-less fashion of cream, something I have to admit I am not fond of.
The ingredient listing has the variety of components that I couldn’t declare at gunpoint, but it had some that stood out. Just like a blossom extract and macadamia nut oil. Take a gander:
She knows that buying me shaving provides is like me trying to buy her makeup. No one is ever satisfied with the final result. Recognizing that, I asked her why she bought it. The company donates a portion of their proceeds to veteran organizations” was the reason she gave. Since we are both veterans, I decided that was a good enough reason to buy it so I decided to give it a try.

Holiday Present

Duke Canon Shave Cream -- Deal Or Dud? 2

I squirted a little to begin with a face lather and instantly noticed it had that shiny-look that I’ve come to associate with higher-end creams. Hmmm. Could this be

I looked to attempt to gauge these guys might be if it comes to shaving. The tube stated Superior Grade Shaving Cream” and that it’s For a man of higher tastes”
Nothing such as pasting on a fake smile as you open the box containing yet another sad grasp. This was the initial look on my face when I opened the present from my beautiful wife…a tube of Duke Cannon shave lotion.
I contacted the company and was advised that they have given over five figures” to several veteran causes and organizations. That coupled with the fact that their shaving lotion a well-performing product I intend to maintain my lineup…I call it a deal!
Duke Canon Shave Cream -- Deal Or Dud? 3
The only downside to this lotion is the cost. A tube runs that is such as Taylor of Old Bond Street and Cyril Salter on par with a number of my favorites and $14. I want the company would produce this in a bathtub because that’s the way I feel like I’m using it all. I’ll most likely be cutting on the tube available to get the very last pieces of this product.
I then tried by lathering with a brush, it the next shave. I used a Semogue and that’s where I really noticed how nicely of a performer this cream is. It generated a small amount of lather.
I had enough to get a four-pass that was traditional shave. That surprised me, where I would need to squeeze the tube to reapply after each pass because I had been expecting a brushless product. Can I say I didn’t like merchandise? I do not believe this qualifies.
A item that is great?

While I didn’t get an immense amount was slick and I began to hand lather and had a wonderful scent to it. I lathered up and used to my head. The excess went into my goatee. Who knew that was the thing about a goatee? I shaved with my Gillette Fatboy and a Astra razor. The blade slipped with no friction. I got enough to get another complete pass and did then re-lathered and you pass from what I’d put in my goatee. Cushion that was good was supplied by this cream , in spite of a thin layer and slickness that was superb.
I decided to do more research on the business and that the Duke Cannon firm was on the scene for years with their big ass bar of soap opera .” They also have expanded their lineup to include much more, cologne, soap and the shaving lotion and promote themselves as a manly kind of business.

Duke Canon Shave Cream -- Deal Or Dud? 4

Afterwards, my face didn’t feel tender…in face it almost felt as though I’d already applied moisturizer to it. I couldn’t detect any noticeable odor.

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