Product Review: Panasonic ES-LV95 VS ES-LV9Q Electric Shaver

The Panasonic ES-LV9Q gets the latest technology Multi-Flex 5D Head that has a newly developed suspension system to improve head movement. It makes for a nearer following to facial contours and supplies closer contact whilst remaining irritation free. The mind can slide, twist, move up and down, left and right, forward and backwards. You’re never going to overlook whiskers again.
The Panasonic ranges offer a number of the closest shaves out there and also their transparency blades are incredibly gentle to the skin (a bonus for people who suffer from razor burn and irritation). With similar features and the timeless Panasonic design, our specialist advice group deep dived into the specs and features to compare the two versions.

Flexible Head

Its predecessor, the Panasonic ES-LV95, still offers a 14,000cpm linear motor drive for a smooth, clean shave but it doesn’t boast the same cross-cutting activity per minute. For those that are looking to save time in their grooming patterns, the ES-LV9Q is certainly going to save minutes every day in front of the mirror.

Using a 5-Blade cutting edge system, the Panasonic ES-LV9Q has three distinct foil patterns that work in unison to capture and cut even the hardest parts of a beard. In addition, the 30-degree angle of the interior blades achieve that incredibly close shave. Driven by a high-speed linear drive engine, the combination of blades operate together to cut easily through whiskers to leave an incredibly close shave. Panasonic has also applied state-of-the-art technology to build blades with outstanding quality utilizing Japanese craftsmanship techniques for the blades of the ES-LV9Q.


Electric Shaver Speed

The Panasonic ES-LV9Q was called the World’s Fastest Shaver”, dependent on its 70,000 cross-cutting activities per second (versus other named brands). Its ultra-fast 14,000cpm linear motor provides a clean and smooth shave each time. And what is more, there’s no electricity loss or missed whiskers and it’s been tested on heavier beards.

The multi-fit arc blades of the Panasonic ES-LV95 give a

Whilst the Panasonic ES-LV95 includes a face-hugging multi-flexible mind that especially conforms to the neck and jaw areas, it is not quite as mobile as the ES-LV9Q. It will still offer you mild contact to skin to minimise irritation and pops up and down, and right and left.
If it comes to cleaning, Panasonic are at the forefront using automatic cleaning and charging stations to help save you as much time as possible on the go. Their stations clean, clean, charge and restore the unit to maintain your blades better for longer. Both electrical shavers are intended to be waterproof and completely washable.
No matter your taste both Panasonic models can be utilized as a Wet & Dry electric shaver and will offer a silky-smooth shave under either preparation.
The Panasonic ES-LV95 additionally boasts shaving detector technologies to comprehend hair thinning to achieve optimum outcomes when shaving, whatever the thickness of hair.

– Multi-Flex 5D headset cutting platform – 30 level inner blade – Japanese blade technologies – 70,000 cross cutting action/minute – Linear Motor 14,000cpm – Pop-up trimmer – Multi-LED indicator – Wet&Dry – Charging Station – Cordless – Li-ion Battery – Travel lock and case – 1hr full charge for 45 minutes shaving (5 min quick charge)
Whilst the ES-LV95 is still an incredible electric shaver from Panasonic and offers an excellent shaver, the ES-LV9Q gets the small edge with its own new Multi-Flex 5D head cutting platform to ensure a closer shave in less time. If you’re on the go and looking to reduce some time out of the shaving regimen, then the latest model from Panasonic is going to help save you minutes daily. The Panasonic ES-LV9Q is when accuracy meets speed with its ultra high-speed linear engine.
Gentle and close shave. The small arch across the period of the foil blades offer a snug, comfortable shave when they come into contact with skin. Its nano polished inner blades also possess the extreme 30-degree angle to achieve closeness and can also be pushed with a high-speed linear motor.

Shaving Sensor Technology

Top attributes

Panasonic ES-LV9Q

Panasonic ES-LV9Q’s shaving sensor technology simplifies the gaps in the density of your facial hair since you shave. It boosts its power where hair growth is heavier or tougher and reduces power where its thinner to save on charge. The electric shaver reduces the burden in your skin and maintains optimum shaving results.

Wet & Dry

– Multi-fit arc blades – Nano polished inner blades – 30 level inner blade – Pop-up trimmer – Multi-LED index – Flexible head – Linear Motor 14,000cpm – 1hr full charge for 45 minutes shaving (5 min quick charge) – Automatic worldwide voltage – Traveling lock and situation – metering channel – Wet&Dry


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