Safety Razor Blade Testing

To some, the thought of taking notes might sound extremely nerdy, but if you are testing 5 to 10 distinct types of safety razor blades you will be thankful you did this. It is possible to use a paper laptop or the digital notes feature on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter where or where, just make sure you take notes, as this will serve as a good reference point in the future.
For any new wet shaver analyzing a number of double edge safety razor blades is an essential part of the procedure. This is since no two brands will be the exact same. Although all blades match neatly in vintage and modern double edge safety razors, they arrive in varying sharpness levels, brand types and price factors.

This is the most important rule with testing. It is essential that you only change one variable at a time. When you initiate the razor blade testing travel, it’s always advise that you stick with one and just one safety razor, soap and brush type through the duration of your entire testing period. Changing too many factors at the same time will confuse the procedure and will significantly impact the results.

Testing blades will allow you to determine which sort of blades work best with your razor, skin type and overall shave preference. Testing for several shavers may be somewhat annoying, but if you stay committed to it, the results will end up saving you a pile of cash on blades. When you find your preferred you can then buy them in bulk, frequently by the 100 package. Below are some tips for testing security razor blades.

It is crucial to test in a logical order to ascertain your observable preference. This is from dullest to sharpest, working your way up to flatter manufacturers of blades as you go.
safety razor blade sharpness visual guide by Shave Valet Saskatoon including Lord Super Stainless, Derby Extra, Voshhod Teflon Coated, Shark Super Chrome, Astra Superior Platinum, Feather Hi-Stainless
Feather Hi-Stainless double edge safety razor blade


This also goes for blade brands, so it is ideal to only test one blade type and brand at one time. This might appear obvious, but studying two blades during one shave might look to be a fantastic experiment, but this will also actually confuse your results. An example of testing two blades simultaneously would be to shave half your head with one blade manufacturer then switch it out for a different blade manufacturer to finish the shave. It seems like a neat experiment, It’s possible to make the testing process as easy or as complicated as you wish to. The goal of testing is to identify a couple of brands that you like, so it is possible to buy them in bulk to save money. Remember to have fun with it, as it should not be a chore. Happy shaving!

It’s good to build a program and try to complete two complete rounds of testing. For example, if you’re analyzing 5 blade brands and you shave twice per week, your testing program will operate for 10 weeks. Sometimes blades can be inconsistent, even from 1 blade to another in exactly the same package. That is why it’s ideal to try every blade brand at least twice. Should you encounter a blade that you dislike, which will be unavoidable, take your notes and continue on to the next brand. Constantly offer that blade ring another attempt in your next form of testing to determine if it is indeed not a fantastic fit for you or if maybe you had a bad blade the first move. Should you have two rounds of bad effects, you can now eliminate this blade brand from the favorites list.
But it’s always best to complete a full 2-3 pass shave with one type, take notes and move from there.
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Use 1 blade for 2 – 3 shaves in a row. This will let you test the first sharpness, but also allow you to test corrosion factor of this blade, since the blade becomes duller with usage. Knowing that the stop or recycle point for each blade brand is actually important because you will then know how many comfortable shaves you can get with each type. Normally, you should be able to get 3 – 5 shaves with a safety razor blade, but this will depend on the brand along with your preference.

BLOG image Shave Valet Safety Razor Blade Testing, a picture of double edge safety razor blades and a 5 pack of Astra Superior Platinum safety razor blades.
In case you’ve got an incredibly uncomfortable shave the very first time working with a blade, it’s always recommended to discontinue using blade. Side effects of a bad blade include a large amount tugging or extreme razor burn. Life is too short to mess up with a blade you do not like.

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