Safety Razor vs. Cartridge Razor

Safety Razor Shave
There’s a small learning curve with security razor shaving, since you have to manually keep the best 30 degree angle of the blade whilst shaving. Mastering this instrument does take some time and this learning curve can differ from person to person. Generally, most begin to get comfortable with managing and using a safety razor after 30 days. Like whatever practice makes perfect. To find out more on using a safety razor, visit 6 Mistakes to Avoid with your Security Razor


Cartridge and Disposable Razors
With a cartridge razor, you can often complete your shave in 1 pass, whereas using a safety razor you often complete your shave two to three moves. This will be dependent on the amount of growth you have, so the number of required passes will be different. All these additional moves can lengthen the time that it takes to do the average shave based upon your procedure and process, but maybe not by far.
There are several critical differences between security razor cartridge and shaving razor shaving. Knowing these key differences will help you evaluate which shaving method is most suitable for you and your hair removal needs.
First let us evaluate the vital differences between a safety razor and a cartridge razor.
The method or process of shaving with a safety razor differs in contrast to cartridge razors due to the excess passes required. What’s a pass? This is the procedure of applying lather or shave lotion, shaving off your lathered skin until the lather or foam is all gone and then repeating the procedure.
The great thing about cartridge and disposable razors is that there is virtually no learning curve. Since the blade angle is pre-set and can not be manipulated, so you just run it on your skin and that’s it.
A shaving cartridge often has multiple blades that are encased in plastic that connect to some proprietary manage or come as a whole fixed plastic disposable unit. The angle of the blades are preset and positioned for optimal shaving results. Shaving cartridges are made for convenience and speed, with the theory that multiple blades can offer a closer and smoother shave, which can be true for many users. Shaving cartridges or disposable razors aren’t recyclable and must be disposed of in the garbage.

There’s no debate that shaving with a safety razor
A safety razor holds and utilizes a thin flat double edge blade that has two sharp edges on each side. The blades are also recyclable. There are Various Kinds of safety razors, to get a more in-depth look at different security razor kinds, read Selecting a Safety Razor
Many wet shaving fans that shave with one blade love this slower system. The added time typically provides improved results for many, and is often known as meditative or Zen-like. For most people these improved results include less irritation, redness, in addition to the removal of razor burn and ingrown hairs. Some also believe it provides a far closer and smoother shave, but that depends on the user’s ability level and the products used.


A quick close shave is also an edge for cartridge shavers. Because it’s typically quicker to shave with a shaving capsule, the ones that appreciate the speed and convenience variable would decide on this method in favour of safety razor or razor shaving.