Shaving 101 — How To Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

Before you begin thinking about preparing the area to be shaved, completely wash your hands ! Dirty-or worse, contaminated-hands are just going to make it much more difficult to clean out the area to be shaved.
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Spend around next three minutes to wash and wash the area to be shaved, with warm water. Physicians will tell you it may take up to 3 minutes to moisturize the skin for a shave. Start at the far end and experiment working your way back to a time frame that works for you. Personally, I only require a minute or so.
If you’d like to your game up” a bit there are a couple other products worth looking out. I’ve always been a big fan of ACH Brito Glyce Lime Pre-Shaving Soap and that I quite like Lucky Tiger’s facial wash. But these are more specialized” products that are less commonly offered.

And I’m not referring to a fast rinse-and-wipe. I mean actually clean your hands, with soap and warm water, thoroughly (caregivers often indicate humming the Happy Birthday” song to yourself, twice, prior to a rinsing).
If you’re likely to be shaving your face make certain to look closely at your neck area too. Many men fail properly preparing the throat and they wonder why they get aggravation there….
The next step in planning is to start massaging the area to be shaved with generous levels of warm-to-hot water (not embarrassing for you) and cleansing with a product made especially for the face-even when the place you’re about the shave is not the face. Why? Because deodorant soaps” or body odor” strip off too much of their skin’s natural oils which make shaving easier. Yes, you’re likely to be using a shave lubricant (shave lotion, soap, soap, etc.) when you choose the blade to the skin, but why make the product work harder than it has to (or even can)? The skin can still be clean and have some natural oil in precisely the same time.

First Things First

It is possible to easily incorporate these ideas to a shower regular, saving some time and hassle. After you shower your skin needs to be nicely clean and hydrated anyway, so why not go from there directly to a shave (do not bother drying out your face after showering)?

Take The Time

Shaving 101 -- How To Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving 1

If you are not sure what to use, there are a number of products I will recommend (Amazon links are affiliate, but you should be able to find these locally in the US). If You Would like to run down to the corner store you can find:


I am not a big fan of oils as a part of preparation. They do nothing for cleansing skin, and although they might help with lubrication throughout the shave, so I believe that if you use good products you won’t want them anyway. Should you employ a pre-shave oil as part of your shave prep, use it after cleaning but before employing your shaving lubrication product of choice.

Use A Face Soap To Prepare Even If You’re Not Shaving Your Face

[Notice from Mantic59: as a followup to my latest article about shaving gift collections, Sharpologist will be running a few shaving 101″ articles that will help the newcomers get on board!] You’ve got your brand new shaving kit and you are trying to avoid making mistakes. One of those mistakes is being skimpy on prep. But do you actually know how to prepare your skin for shaving?

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