The Way to Use An Adjustable Razor Most Immediately


I bet most men and women use the dial down” method if they try an adjustable safety razor. This is where a shaver will shave their first pass at a comparatively large setting (plenty of blade gap) then dial down to consecutive moves. The thought process here is that this method will eliminate as much stubble as you can on the first pass dial down to avoid nicks and cuts for the balance of this shave.

Can you utilize an adjustable razor? How do you use it?

The Set-And-Forget Method

I think of using an adjustable razor, the way is to just find and stick to it. Although this method doesn’t use the razor to its capacity it avoids fussiness and is surely simple. Additionally, this is the ideal way to use semi-adjustable” razors that come with distinct base discs, like the Rockwell 6S or 6C (affiliate links) since it may be difficult to swap foundation discs mid-shave.

The other side of the coin is beginning at a low setting for the initial pass and rounding up for successive passes. Advocates of this method say it not only reduces the stubble but also does not take off stubble at once and cuts. Later passes at a higher setting (gap ) removes stubble. Since the amount of stubble is briefer later in the shave there is not as much chance into the blade edge to catch” and cause a nick. The thing to watch out for is a chance of razor burn. This issue can be reduced without replicating strokes throughout the pass However, if the shave is done effectively. Consider the current trend of dermaplaning” for ladies.

That said, because you may correct” your shave, what’s the best way to utilize this type of razor? I believe there are 3 general routines you can go through. Like Goldilocks you might have to try out each technique to locate you the one.

What Is A Flexible Razor?

It is no secret that I like razors that are adjustable. I used to mention you could pry my cold, dead hands and my Merkur Progress apart. I’ve moved on from the Progress but I still favor adjustable razors. What’s the very best approach? Let’s find out….
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This method may seem counter-intuitive but works best for me when I do my three brush! I can consistently get a baby’s butt smooth” this way (though I will dial back down should I do a touch-up after my third pass).

This method might be good for those who desire a shorter, great-but-maybe-not-best shave experience. The remaining stubble does not cut, because the blade gap is smaller after from the shave. And for me this method actually raises the chance for nicks and cuts by trying to take off too much stubble at once in the shave.

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An adjustable safety razor may change the blade gap between the edge and the base plate of the razor head of the razor blade. The exposure of this razor blade changes into the skin to create even a shave or a milder.
An adjustable safety razor may provide flexibility in shaving when used. They can be employed to tailor a shave to your particular circumstances, they could more easily mitigate other variables in the shave that might cause problems. Transitioning to a flexible razor might take a little time to appreciate its capabilities, but I think that it’s worth the attempt.

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